Prepare thoroughly before you begin– Personality Development


Prepare thoroughly before you begin– Personality Development

One of the best ways for you to overcome postponement and get more things complete faster is to have everything you need at hand before you initiate. When you are fully ready, you are like a cocked gun or an archer with an arrow rolled back taut in the bow. You will be stunned at what you attain in the months and years ahead. You just necessity one small mental push to get started on your highest value tasks. Begin by clearing off your desk or office so that you have only one task in front of you. If necessary, put all on the floor or on a table. Gather all the information, reports, details, papers and work materials that you require to complete the job.

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Work all the time you work- Personality Development


Work all the time you work- Personality Development

To keep your life in stability, you should decide to work all the time you work. When you go to work, put your head down and work the whole time. Start a slight earlier, stay a little later and work a little harder.  Don’t waste time. Every minute that you spend in idle chitchat with workmates is time taken away from the work that you must accomplish if you want to keep your job. Even worse, time that you waste at work often has to be taken away from the your family members. You have to either stay late or take work home and work in the evenings. By not working effectively and efficiently during the workday, you create unnecessary stress and deprive the members of family of the very best person you can possibly be.

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Use ABCDE Technique for Personality Development & Time Management

Use ABCDE Technique for Personality Development & Time Management

Start with a list of all you have to do for the next day. Think on paper. You can use A,B,C,D or E next to each item your list before you begin the first task. An “A” item is defined as something that is very important, something that you must do. This is a task that will have serious positive or negative concerns if you do it or fail to do it, like visiting a key customer finishing a report that you boss needs for an approaching board meeting. If you have more than one A task , you arrange these tasks by writing “A-1,A-2,A-3” and so on in front of each item. You’re A-1 task is your biggest task.

                A “B” item is defined as a task that you should do. But it has only mild concerns. These are the tasks that someone may be unhappy or inconvenienced if you don’t do one of these tasks but is nowhere as main as A task. Examples- returning an unimportant telephone message or reviewing your email would be a B task.

                A “C” task is defined as something that would be nice to do but for which there are no concerns at all whether you do it or not. C tasks include phoning a friend, having coffee or lunch with a coworkers and finalizing some personal business during work hours. These sort of actions have no effect at all on your work life.

                A “D” task is defined as something you can give to someone else. The rule is that you should give everything that someone else can do so that you can free up more time for the tasks that only you can do.

                An “E” task is defined as something that you can remove altogether and it won’t make any real difference. Thus may be e a task that was important as one time but is no longer applicable to you or anyone else. Often it is something you continue to do out of habit or because you enjoy it.

                After you have applied the ABCDE method to your list you will be completely organized and ready to get more main things done faster and help in managing time and personality  development.


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