Training on Public Speaking & ‪‎Body Language for Bank Employees by ‪Shikhar Prajapati – India’s favourite ‪‎Motivational Speaker &‪ Corporate Trainer

Training on Public Speaking & Body Language for Bank Employees by Shikhar Prajapati – India’s favourite Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer


Body Language & Public Speaking.jpg

Training on Public Speaking & ‪‎Body Language for Bank Employees at UCO Bank RTC, Civil Lines, Jaipur on 30 Jan. 2016 from 11.30 am to 12.45 pm
Training by
 ‪Shikhar Prajapati – India’s favourite ‪‎Motivational Speaker &‪ Corporate Trainer.

For Motivational Training/‪Staff Development Program at your campus, please contact us on – Mobile- 09529950482,09351385042 Email-


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