Stress Management Training for Canara Bank by Best Motivational Speaker in Delhi Rajasthan Punjab Harayana Gujrat Maharashtra


#Stress #Management #Training for #Canara #Bank Members at Canara Bank Zonal Centre- Jaipur

Training by – Shikhar Prajapati(India’s favourite Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer)

Internationally certified Motivational and Corporate Trainer-Shikhar Prajapati trained the participants. He gave the  tips on   Stress Management. He told – Do one work at a time and avoid multitasking, meditate yourself for calm and peace, be with nature, avoid continuous use of emails, social networking sites, messages- keep a time aside for all these,                 make timetable and follow it, prioritize the work, listen music, do exercise daily, take sleep for 7-8 hours daily, be with little children, enjoy time with family members, watch comedy shows and read jokes, tell someone about your stress it will become weak, learn something new, help the needy, eat vitamin-c enriched fruits and vegetables, work with positive attitude and lastly be thankful for all which you have. Participants enjoyed relaxing music for relaxing the mind and soul during the training.

For association, please contact-

Shikhar Prajapati

Contact No.s- 9529950482,9351385042

Website –



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